Polylogos is a politically independent NGO based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, working to shape inclusive communities, empower aspiring leaders, and strengthen democracy – locally, nationally and on EU level. Polylogos offers a platform for bridging ethnic, religious, political and other societal divides, encouraging open and constructive dialogue, and challenging all types of group-focused hatred and discrimination. Polylogos is the Coordinator for the project BOND, leading WPs 1 and 4, implementing all project activities in Romania, and supporting all partners in implementing the project in their respective countries.

SYNYO is an independent research, innovation and technology organisation with many years of expertise in large-scale European research projects. As lead of WP5, they will ensure that BOND is linked to other projects in the field, particularly by integrating and linking BOND materials to the iWitness and -platforms: creating synergies, maximising impact, reducing costs, and ensuring sustainability.


Political Capital is an independent policy research, analysis and consulting institute founded in 2001 in Budapest, Hungary. The institute is committed to the guiding principles of parliamentary democracy, human rights and Euro-Atlanticism. By creating analytical content, quantitative and qualitative policy research, and organising substantial debates, Political Capital aims to promote critical political thinking and an increased understanding of politics. It also aims to raise awareness about political issues that have an impact on citizen’s everyday life and contribute to and develop critical knowledge and evidence-based public discourse and policy-making. The institute’s main focus areas are disinformation and malign foreign (authoritarian) influence, conspiracy theories and fake news, radicalisation and extremism, the state of democracy, and Hungary’s foreign policy and efforts to build international political influence.

Le Rose di Atacama provides research and discussions around the issues of individual rights, especially focusing on the rights of people most affected by discrimination and marginalization. Due to their longstanding experience providing trainings and educational materials in schools and among youth, they will co-lead WP3 as well as implementing all project activities in Italy.
AJC CE is a leading Jewish NGO in Poland, with deep knowledge of and experience in monitoring and responding to antisemitism, both on the level of government stakeholders and civil society. It is Poland’s leading NGO when it comes to fostering interfaith dialogue and gathering different faith communities around causes of common interest. They will play a lead role in the implementation of all BOND activities in Poland.

Zachor Foundation for Social Remembrance is an educational NGO that draws attention to dangerous phenomena like racism, antisemitism, and prejudice through formal and non-formal educational programs using testimony from survivors and witnesses of genocide. This is done via educational content development, teacher professional development and special programs. Through equipping educators with tools to address antisemitism, marginalization and prejudice in all educational contexts, Zachor Foundation contributes to the development of young people’s critical thinking, multiliteracies and empathy as well as the education of responsible citizens. The BOND project will utilize Zachor’s expertise and long-term experience in curricula development and teacher training around the topic of antisemitism.