What is BOND?

What is bond?

BOND is based on the innovative application of Pedagogical Training for Trainers Methodology (PTTM) concepts, methods, techniques, tools and technologies to develop pedagogical and andragogical skills among VET trainers/teachers.

The PTTM implementation requires presential training and the use of different pedagogical methods and techniques in accordance with the objectives, target-groups and training contexts, including, among others, sessions with different methods (such as expositive, demonstrative, interrogative and active) and techniques (such as, role- play, case studies, brainstorming, pedagogical simulations, etc.).

The PTTM covers 4 dimensions – Pedagogical, Organisational, Practice, Deontology and Ethics – and includes 9 training modules:

  • M1 – Training system and context (M1.1 Intervention context and M1.2 Learning, creativity and entrepreneurship)
  • M2 – Initial training simulation (M2.1 Preparation and simulation and M2.2 Analysis and improvement actions)
  • M3 – Communication and group dynamics (M3.1 Communication and relational behavior and M3.2 Diversity in training context)
  • M4 – Pedagogical methodologies and strategies (M4.1 Pedagogical methods and techniques and M4.2 Pedagogy and inclusive and differentiated learning)
  • M5 – Operationalisation and action plan (M5.1 Skills and operational objectives and M5.2 Plan the training-learning process)
  • M6 – Didactical resources and multimedia (M6.1 Exploring the didactical resources and M6.2 Multimedia presentations)
  • M7 – Collaborative platforms of learning (M7.1 Platforms: purposes and functions and M7.2 Virtual communities of learning)
  • M8 – Training and learning assessment (M8.1 Qualitative and quantitative assessment and M8.2 Training assessment)
  • M9 – Final training simulation (M9.1 Preparation and simulation and M9.2 Analysis and prospective technical-pedagogical)


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